A Letter to God Class 10 English Exam Questions

Exam Questions Class 10

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Class 10 English Exam Questions A Letter to God

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Very Short Answer Type Questions

Question. Lencho showed not the slightest surprise on seeing the money; such was his confidence — but he became angry when he counted the money. God could not have made a mistake, nor could he have denied Lencho what he had requested.
(a) Why did Lencho not show any surprise seeing the money?
(b) What was the reason for his anger?

Ans. (a) Lencho had a strong faith in God. He was such a simple-minded farmer, who knew that the money he had received was from God.
(b) He was angry because he had received 30 pesos less than what he had asked for. Lencho thought that the people at the post office had taken the money.

Question. That night was a sorrowful one. “All our work, for nothing.” ‘‘There’s no one who can help us.” “We’ll all go hungry this year.”
(a) Why will the family “go hungry this year”? Explain the meaning of the line: “All our work for nothing”.
(b) Who do you think they would turn to for help next?

Ans. (a) The family will go hungry because the hail had destroyed their harvest of corn. The father and sons had been toiling in the field for the better part of the year, preparing the field for the crop. However, the hailstorm had ruined the entire crop.
(b) The farmers have no one else to turn to but the Almighty. They turn to God to ask for sustenance and monetary help.

Short Answer Type Questions

Question. When did it start raining? How did Lencho’s family welcome it? What became troublesome soon?
Ans. Lencho prayed for the rain to come since his crops essentially needed that to ripen. It finally started raining during the evening and big drops of water began to fall. When Lencho went out to feel the rain on his body, he called the raindrops, “new coins”. The raindrops however soon changed into hailstones which caused great trouble for the crops.

Question. Describe the destruction caused by the hailstones in Lencho’s fields.
Ans. As soon as the raindrops started changing into hailstones, the corn was totally destroyed. Not a leaf remained on the trees, the flowers withered away and not a leaf of corn remained in the fields. Even the locusts would not have done so much of destruction. It was a sorrowful sight for Lencho to watch.

Question. What did Lencho do to face the sadness caused by the destruction of the crop?
Ans. The destruction of the crops by the storm posed a big problem in front of Lencho. He had to do something else his family would starve, so he only thought of God at that hour of crisis. His unquestionable faith in God made him write a letter to him. In this letter, Lencho decided to ask God for help. He had no other way to stop his family from starving and thereafter, dying.

Long Answer Type Questions

Question. How do you think the postmaster felt when he received Lencho’s second letter? What do you think he did?
Ans. The postmaster must have felt really bad on receiving Lencho’s second letter. He had worked so hard to collect the money so as to reinstate Lencho’s faith in God but in spite of his hard efforts he received only accusation about the postmasters and post officials being crooked and roguish. He must have felt that all his hard work of collecting 70 pesos went into vain for Lencho thought ill about him.

Question. Based on the story, illustrate Lencho’s faith and attitude towards God and man.
Ans. Lencho has great faith in God. When his crop is destroyed and he faces a complete ruin and starvation, he writes a letter to God asking for his help. When a reply comes back, he is not surprised as he believes that God himself has responded to his plea for help. On the other hand, when he gets only a part of the money he had asked God to give him, he instantly believes that the post office employees have stolen some of it. He has no faith in the men at the post office. Lencho has never seen God and still he has a great faith in him but the least amount of trust in the humans who lived around him. This shows his narrow belief and twisted manner of thinking.

A Letter to God Class 10 English Exam Questions

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