A Tiger in the Zoo Class 10 English Exam Questions

Exam Questions Class 10

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Class 10 English Exam Questions A Tiger in the Zoo

Class 10 English students should read and understand the important questions and answers provided below for The Hundred Dresses II which will help them to understand all important and difficult topics.

Short Answer Type Questions

Question. How is the tiger in the cell? How does he react to the visitors?
The tiger is in the cell in the zoo which has a concrete floor. His strength now is behind the bars of iron.
These bars can’t be broken. He walks his way in rage in his cage and ignores the visitors completely.

Question. Give the tiger’s appearance based on the poem.
Ans. The tiger has sharp, clear stripes on his body. He looks majestic as he prowls around his cage. He has soft velvety paded paws and brilliantly shining eyes.

Question. What does the tiger do in the case?
Ans. The tiger keeps pacing about in his cage. He pays no heed to the visitors and quietly walks around in his small cage.

Question. How does the tiger terrify the villagers?
Ans. The tiger terrifies the villagers by snarling around their houses. Their house were situated near the jungle. He terrified them by showing his white fangs and long claws. They were greatly afraid of him due to it.

Question. What message does the poem give?
Ans. The poem gives out the message that the animals in the zoo do not live happily. They lead a miserable life in the cages. They want to be in their habitats.
They can be free and happy only in their natural habitats. They should not be kept in zoos.

Question. What could the tiger be doing if it were in the wild?
Ans. In the wild, the tiger would be hunting for his prey near the village, at the water hole or in the long grass. He would be prowling at the edge of the village terrorising the villagers.