Unseen passages

Unseen Passages

Unseen passages include the comprehension which usually comprises subject matters of values. It encourages the reader to develop their reading skills as well as helps them to deepen their moral values which basically help them to build their character strong and healthy. English Comprehensive passages are nothing but just a piece of writing, if the […]

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CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Term 2 Sample Paper Set C

CBSE Class 12 Sample Paper Business Studies Term 2 Set C

Question : Distinguish between monetary and non-monetary incentives. Answer : Monetary incentives involve payment of money in cash or kind e.g. bonus. On the other hand, no money payment is involved in case of non-monetary incentives. Challenging job, recognition, participation in decision-making, friendly supervision are some examples of non-monetary incentives. Question : Stock exchanges in […]

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