Biotechnology and its Application Class 12 Biology Exam Questions

Exam Questions Class 12

Please refer to Biology For Biotechnology and its Application Class 12 Biology Exam Questions provided below. These questions and answers for Class 12 Biology have been designed based on the past trend of questions and important topics in your class 12 Biology books. You should go through all Class 12 Biology Important Questions provided by our teachers which will help you to get more marks in upcoming exams.

Class 12 Biology Exam Questions Biotechnology and its Application

Assertion and Reason Based MCQs

Question. Assertion (A) : ‘Bt’ in Bt toxin represent Bacillus thuringiensis.
Reason (R) : ‘Bt’ toxin is produced by a virus. 
Answer : (C)

Question. Assertion (A) : GEAC will decide the safety of introducing GM organism for public use.
Reason (R) : Genetic modifications of organisms may have opposite results when introduced into the ecosystem.
Answer : (A)

Question. Assertion (A) : An American company allowed the company to sell a ‘new’ variety of Basmati rice.
Reason (R) : Indian Basmati was crossed with semi-dwarf varieties and claimed as a novelty.
Answer : (B)

Question. Assertion (A) : Genetically modification make crops more tolerant to abiotic stress (cold,drought etc.)
Reason (R) : Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) genes have been altered by manipulation.
Answer : (A)

Question. Assertion (A) : Transgenic animals had their DNA manipulated.
Reason (R) : 95% of all existing transgenic animals are mice.
Answer : (B)

Case-based MCQs

Attempt any four sub-parts from each question.
Read the following text and answer questions given below :
Plants having foreign genes in their genome through genetic engineering are called transgenic plants. Genes can be incorporated either through a vector or through direct introduction of DNA. Bt cotton is a genetically modified organism which is pest resistant. It contains gene cry I Ac and cry II Ab of Bacillus thuringiensis. It is used to control lepidopterans, coleopterans and dipterAnswer : Bt cotton can resist cotton bollworm and produce higher yields. Cry gene produces cry protein or Bt toxin. It is an endotoxin which remains as protoxin
in plants and converted to active toxin after getting ingested by the insects. Alkaline pH of the insect gut solubilizes the protein crystals, the activated toxin creates pores to the mid gut wall of the insects which cause them to death.

Question. Bacillus thuringiensis is a
(A) air borne bacteria
(B) soil borne fungus
(C) soil borne bacteria
(D) food borne bacteria
Answer : (C)

Question. Cotton bollworms are killed by the protein encoded by the gene
(A) cry I Ac
(B) cry I Ab
(C) cry II Ab
(D) both A and C
Answer : (D)

Question. Some strains of Bacillus thuringiensis can kill certain insects such as _______
(A) lepidopterans
(B) scorpion
(C) fruit fly
(D) dragonfly
Answer : (A)

Question. What is true about Bt cotton crops?
(A) They are fungal resistant
(B) They are insect resistant
(C) They are drought resistant
(D) All of these
Answer : (D)

Question. Identify which of the following is not an advantage of GM crops?
(A) GM plants enhance nutritional value of food.
(B) GM plants are more tolerant to abiotic stresses.
(C) GM plants have helped to reduce post-harvest losses.
(D) GM plants can cause gene transfer to non-target plant species.
Answer : (D)