Cyber Safety Class 11 Computer Science Exam Questions

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Class 11 Computer Science Exam Questions Cyber Safety

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Question: How do websites track you online?
Answer: Whenever you visit a website, your web browser may reveal your location via your device‘s IP address.
o It can also provide your search and browsing history etc. which may be used by third parties,like advertisers or criminals.
o This way website track you. Tracking is generally used by advertising networks to build up details profiles for pinpoint adtargeting.
o This information is compiled through your web usage patterns, and which websites generally use for tracking you. This generally includes-
• IP Address
• Cookies and tracking scripts etc.
• HTTP Referrer
• Super Cookies
• User Agent

Question: What is cyber safety?
Answer: Using internet with care and responsibility is called Cyber Safety so that we can keep our personal information safe.

Q.4 What are cookies? How are they used by websites to track you?
Answer: cookies are small pieces of information websites can store in your browser. Cookies can be –
1. First Party Cookies- These are the cookies that store your own log in id, password, and auto fill information etc.

2. Third Party Cookies: These are the cookies that websites store to know about your search history and web browsing history so as to place advertisements as per your interests.

Question: What is private browsing? Why is it considered a better way of browsing the Internet?
Answer: →Anonymous browsers allow users to view websites without revealing personal information of user.
→It can be sued as a tool for governments, journalists and every security conscious surfers.
→A popular solution to this is- Private Browsing.
→Incognito browsing open up a version of the browser that will not track your is particularly useful if you are entering sensitive data like bank details into your browser.
→Proxy works as a middleman between your computer and the website you want to access. Now the tracking website will get the IP address of proxy site.
→Virtual Private Network (VPN) this is a method to add security and privacy to private and public networks, like WiFi hotspots and Internet. It is originally meant for business employees working offsite to gain access to shared drives or networks.

Question: What should you do to protect your identity on Internet?
Answer: The things we can do to protect our identity on Internet.
• Most common solution to this is Private browsing or Anonymous browsing.
• Confidentiality of information.
• Appropriate usage of social networking sites.

Question: What is cyber-crime? How can you report it?

Cyber Safety Computer Science Exam Questions

Question: What is cyber bullying and cyber stalking?
Answer: Cyber stalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, group, or organization. It may include false accusations, defamation, slander and libel. It may also include monitoring, identity theft, threats, vandalism, solicitation for sex, or gathering information that may be used to threaten, embarrass or harass.
Cyber bullying or cyber harassment is a form of bullying or harassment using electronic means. Cyber bullying and cyber harassment are also known as online bullying. It has become increasingly common, especially among teenagers. Cyber bullying is when someone, typically teens, bully or harass others on social media sites. Harmful bullying behavior can include posting rumors, threats, sexual remarks, a victims’ personal information, or pejorative labels (i.e., hate speech). Bullying or harassment can be identified by repeated behavior and an intent to harm. Victims may have lower self-esteem, increased suicidal ideation, and a variety of emotional responses, including being scared, frustrated, angry, and depressed.

Question: What is confidentiality of information? How do you ensure it?

Cyber Safety Computer Science Exam Questions

Question: What is digital footprint? Why is it so important?
Answer: A digital footprint is a trail of data you create while using the Internet. It includes the websites you visit, emails you send, and information you submit to online services. A “passive digital footprint” is a data trail you unintentionally leave online.            

It is not a matter of gathering one person‘s online activity. The main concern is what the person is doing. If he or she is going to a dark path then the online activity is the first thing that will provide a glimpse of it. The matter is serious and digital footprint is going to provide the fullest information on it. Apart from gathering information the digital footprint provides knowledge on what the person likes and how well the orientation of his mind is. If you find that your friend and beloved family member is posting something obnoxious and disgraceful in a continuous manner then you can stop him from going to the dark path. In this technical society a digit al footprint can give you full information of what the person is thinking. Regardless of all thoughts of getting diverted from the prime goal, one person should keep a track of all the information of his online activity. Nowadays, when technology has become too much available and influencing all the activities in a regular manner, keeping it at a side and thinking without the influence of it has become impossible that is why analysis of your digital footprint is highly necessary. This will provide you valuable information on what you are doing and what should be avoided by you.

Question: Why are privacy settings of a social networking site so important?
Answer: Privacy settings, present in most of the major social networking sites can be used by the user to adjust the visibility of their profile or of certain information on the profile. As a result, this could eliminate a certain amount of unwanted disclosures and upgrade the level of privacy of the profile.

Question: What are the usage rules for effective use of social networking sites?
Answer: o Social media is everywhere these days, from personal to professional front. Social media has made it too difficult to remain entirely anonymous these days.
o Whatever you do online, leaves a permanent foot print, called digital foot print.
o Once posted these becomes part of public domain and hence are visible to anyone who looks for it. 
o Thus appropriate usage of Social media is very important and you must be aware that it may pose problems later if not used appropriately.
o You should conduct yourself in a responsible way so that you can enjoy using it.
o Be Authentic.
o Use a Disclaimer.
o Don‘t pick fights Online.
o Don‘t use fake names or pseudonyms.
o Protect your identity.
o Always take publicity test when post something.
o Respect your audience.
o Respect other’s sentiments.
o Monitor comments.

Question: Raman wanted to gift his brother a football or a wrist watch. So he searched for many sports items and wrist watches online. But after that every time he goes online, his webbrowser shows him advertisements about sports items and wrist watches.
(a) Why is this happening?
(b) How could have Raman avoided them?
(c) How can Raman get rid of this now?
Answer: (a) This is happening because third party cookies saved his search preferences and now websites are posting advertisements based on his preferences.
(b) Robin could have avoided this by privately browsing i.e. opening the web browser in incognito mode before searching for such things.
(c) Now Robin can delete all the previous history and cookies stored on his computer. This would stop websites posting advertisements.

Question: What is identity fraud?
Answer: Identity fraud is the use by one person of another person’s personal information, without authorization, to commit a crime or to deceive or defraud that other person or a third person.

Cyber Safety Computer Science Exam Questions

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