Database Concepts Class 12 Computer Science Exam Questions

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Class 12 Computer Science Exam Questions Database Concepts

Very Short Answer Type Questions:

Question: Which protocol widely used by the clients of web ie web browsers?
Answer: – Mostly web browsers work with Hyper Text Transfer Protocols (HTTP)

Question: Explain the working of HTTP GET and HTTP POST request?
Answer: – HTTP GET : – Whenever a web client has to display a webpage it calls the HTTP GET request and send the URL of the webpage. The server receives the GET request and respond by sending HTML of the URL, if available; but if the URL is not existing it sends error 404.
HTTP POST: – An HTTP POST request is a way to send data to the server using HTML forms over web.

Question: What is Django?
Answer: – Django is a web framework used with Python to develop Dynamic Websites. Here web framework is actually a software tool that helps to build and run Dynamic websites and web – enabled applications.

Question: How a web works?
Answer: – A Web works in the form of Client -Server architecture. Web browser acts as a client programme and the web server interacts as the server.

Question: Differentiate between a project and an app?
Answer: – A project refers to an entire application. There can be multiple apps in a project.
Whereas, an app is a submodule which take cares of one part of the project.

Question: Write the use of the following files: –,,,,, migrations/
Answer: – 1) – It is a configuration file for the build in Django Admin app
2) – It is a configuration file for the app itself
3) – It is the file where we will define the database models.
4) – This file is for our app-specific tests
5) – This file is for resolving http request/response for our web app
6) migrations/ – This folder keeps track of changes in file and updates database accordingly.

Question: Explain MVT Project Architecture of Django.
Answer: – MVT is Model, View Template architecture which is slightly different from MVC. In fact the main difference between the two patterns is that Django itself takes care of the controller part (Software code) and leaving us with the template. The template is a HTML file mixed with Django Template Language (DTL).The develop provides the model, the view and the template then just maps it to a URL and Django does the magic to serve it to the user.

Question: Write the characteristics of Django?
Answer: – 1) Django is Python based free and Open Source web application framework.
2) Django is powerful server-side web framework used by many developers as it is versatile, Portable and Secure.

Question: What do you know about Virtualenv?
Answer: – Virtualenv is a useful tool which creates isolated Python Environment that take care of interdependencies and let us develop different applications in isolation.
Each isolated environment has different set of libraries unlike a common global set of libraries.

Question: What is the role of Django in website design?
Answer: Django is a high level python web framework, designed to help build complex web applications simply and quickly.Django makes it easier to build better web apps quickly and with less code.

Question: Write the difference between GET and POST method.
Answer: A web browser may be the client and the application on a computer that hosts the website may be the server:
(i)GET:To request data from the server
(ii)POST:To submit data to be processed to the server

Question: Explain MVC Project Architecture.
Answer: MVC ie Model, View Controller Architecture.
Here Model is the lowest level of pattern responsible for maintain data.
View is responsible for displaying all or a portion of data to the user.
Controller is the software code that controls the interaction between the Model and View.