Dust of snow Class 10 English Exam Questions

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Class 10 English Exam Questions Dust of snow

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Short Answer Type Questions :

Question. What is the gist of the poem ‘Dust and Snow’?
The poem shows us that sometimes even a small incident may prove to be of a larger significance. 
Like the crow shakes off the dust of snow from the tree, the poet also shakes off his sorrow and changes his mood for the day.

Question. Describe the scene in the poem ‘Dust and Snow’.
Ans. The poet is standing under a hemlock tree with a lot of sadness in his heart. A cross on the tree shakes off some snow onto the poet. This makes the poet shake off the sadness and save the day from being morose and full of sadness.

Question. What happened when the dust of snow fell on the poet? What mood was the poet in before it?
Ans. The crow sat on the tree. The dust of Snow began shaking and then it fell on the poet. When the dust of snow fell on the poet, his mood underwent a change. Earlier he was a in a sad mood, but this fall changed it into a joyful mood.

Question. Explain the symbols used in the poem ‘Dust and Snow’.
Ans. The hemlock tree depicts the poet’s heart. The crow’s shake is needed to remove the dust of snow, which is the sadness in the poet’s heart.

Question. In the poem ‘Dust of Snow’, how does the poet’s mood changed?
Ans. The falling of the dust of snow changes his mood
completely. He was initially feeling sad but when he saw the dust of snow falling, his perspective changed. He then started taking it in a positive way and started appreciating the beauty of nature. He considered that the fall signaled something good and full of joy. Thus, he felt his mood getting brighter and he started thinking of the day in positivity ahead.

Question. Where do you think the poet was? What happened to him?
Ans. The poet was once under a hemlock tree. He was in a sad mood. The weather was very cold since it had been snowing. Soon a crow came. It shooked the dust of snow on the poet. This signaled a change of mood in him.