Fire and Ice Class 10 English Exam Questions

Exam Questions Class 10

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Class 10 English Exam Questions Fire and Ice

Class 10 English students should read and understand the important questions and answers provided below for The Hundred Dresses II which will help them to understand all important and difficult topics.

Short Answer Type Questions

Question. How will the world end twice?
Ans. The poet believes that both fire and ice are destructive. According to the poet, ‘fire’ represents desire whereas ‘ice’ stands for hatred. Both the emotions are strong enough to kill humanity and destroy the world.

Question. The use of symbolism in the poem ‘Fire and Ice’ conveys the poet’s message effectively. Expand with reference to the poem.
Ans. Poem discusses the way the world can end. Where fire stands for greed, lust and human desire; ice stands for hatred, coldness and human indifference.
The world may end with either greed or indifference.

Question. What do you think would be enough to destroy the world?
Ans. Our desires and hatred would be enough to destroy the world. According to the poet, ‘fire’ represents ‘desire’ and ‘ice’ represents ‘hatred’. Desires like fire spread rapidly and engulf one’s whole life. Similarly, ‘hatred’ fills life with poison.

Question. Explain the symbols used in the poem ‘Fire and Ice’ by Frost.
Ans. Frost depicts fire as human desires and lust for things. It symbolizes all the uncontrolled greed that humans have for things. Ice is the symbol of coldness. It symbolizes hatred, indifference and jealousy. It depicts frozen relationships.

Question. What’s the deep meaning given in the poem?
Ans. The deeper meaning is that people are spreading ‘desire’ and ‘hatred’ out in the world. People say that the world may end due to ‘fire’ or ‘ice’. But he feels that various human emotions symbolize both of these. ‘Fire’ shall end it but ‘ice’ shall end it twice.

Question. What is the poet’s view about how the world will end?
Ans. The poet believes that the world is more likely to end because of the fires of desires in man. The never ending greed for more will bring the end upon us.