Important Questions Class 12 Business Studies

Chapter Notes Notes for Class 12

Students should refer to the notes and Important Questions Class 12 Business Studies provided below. These notes and solved questions will help you to prepare for the upcoming exams. These short revision notes for Class 12 BST have been designed based on the latest NCERT Book for Class 12 Business Studies. Updated syllabus for the current year have been used by our teachers to design the questions and answers.

Business Studies Class 12 Notes, Questions and Answers

We have covered all chapters given in your CBSE NCERT textbook. You can scroll down and click on chapter-wise links given below. Each link has a collection of topic-wise notes and also case study based questions with answers. You will be able to understand how to write answers to score more marks in Class 12 Board Exams for Business Studies.

Chapterwise Notes for Class 12 Business Studies

Chapter 1 Nature and Significance of Management
Chapter 2 Principles of Management
Chapter 3 Business Environment
Chapter 4 Planning
Chapter 5 Organising
Chapter 6 Staffing
Chapter 7 Directing
Chapter 8 Controlling
Chapter 9 Financial Management
Chapter 10 Financial Markets
Chapter 11 Marketing Management
Chapter 12 Consumer protection
Case Studies Of Business Studies Class 12
Important Questions Class 12 Business Studies

Benefits of important questions Class 12 Business Studies

  1. Helps in understanding all difficult topics given in each Chapter of NCERT class 12 Business Studies book issued by NCERT based on the syllabus designed for the current academic year by CBSE
  2. All questions given here are based on past year examination as well as the latest examination pattern and expected questions, therefore standard 12 students will be able to understand what can be the pattern of Business Studies question papers for the current year
  3. Practicing questions and answers of Business Studies grade 12 will make the students perfect and they will be able to understand all the important topics given in each chapter properly which will help them to get better ranks.
  4. As Business Studies is an interesting and highly scoring subject therefore this can help you to get an overall better rank if you go through the important questions class 12 Business Studies as given above for each chapter.

As explained above it will be very useful if the students of class 12 can go through the notes which have been provided based on the syllabus and examination guidelines for class 12 Business Studies as our teachers have done the research of the subject while making these papers to make sure that the students are able to understand all important topics in each chapter, as well as they, have the sufficient number of questions with solutions for Business Studies Grade 12. It is also important to note that these notes and questions can be really useful for revision before the examinations, you can take out a printout of these nodes and use them right before the exams for quick revision of important and difficult topics which will help you to get better marks in exams. The student should always concentrate more on building up stronger concept knowledge for Business Studies in class 12 as this will help you in long run and improve your overall percentage.

Where can I download revision notes for class 12 Business Studies which can be useful for revision and also contains important questions?

You can download important questions and revision notes for class 12 Business Studies from our website as we have provided the latest and best notes for this subject prepared by teachers based on the latest curriculum issued by the boards

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There is no need for you to pay anything as we have provided every study material on our website for free for the benefit of students. All notes and question answers provided here for Business Studies grade 12 are free and can be used by the students whenever they want

Can I have a list of all questions which are expected to come in the upcoming exam for Business Studies in standard 12?

On this page, we have provided the best collection of important questions and their solutions which are expected to come in the upcoming exams and can be really useful for improving the grades and rank of students.

Can I get other study material for Business Studies class 12 such as question papers, NCERT books, NCERT solutions, and other useful material?

Yes on our website we have provided all study material free for the benefit of students and have also made sure that all the material is created based on the latest curriculum and by the best teachers so that our students are able to get the maximum benefit with the help of these notes