Interface Python with SQL Class 12 Computer Science Exam Questions

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Class 12 Computer Science Exam Questions Interface Python with SQL

Very Short Answer Type Questions :

Question. In the following connection string: Identify the elements : (assume ‘admin’ is password) connect(__<<1>> = “localhost”,__<<2>> =‟ root‟, <<3>>=”admin”)
Answer: <<1>> = host, <<2>> = user, <<3> = passwd

Question. Which function is used to clean connection environment and close connection?
Answer: con.close() where con is the name of connection object.

Question. Name of connector/driver used to establish bridge between Python and MySQL?
Answer: mysql.connector

Question. Which command of Python is used to install mysql.connector driver in python IDLE?
Answer: pip install mysql.connector

Question. What do you mean by Database connectivity?
Answer: Database connectivity refers to connection/communication between front-end applications like Python, Java etc. to Back-end Applications like MySQL, SQL Server etc.

Question. Which of the component/object which act as a container to hold all the data returned from the query and from there we can fetch data one at a time?
Answer: Cursor

Question. What is Result set?
Answer: Result set refers the logical set records fetched from the database by executing a query.

Question. Identify the correct statement to create cursor:
import mysql.connector as msq
con = msq.connect( #Connection String ) # Assuming all parameter required as passed
mycursor =
a. con.cursor()
b. con.create_cursor()
c. con.open_cursor()
d. con.get_cursor()
Ans a. con.cursor()

Question. Which function of connection is used to check whether connection to mysql is successfully done or not?
Answer: con.is_connected() where con is name of connection object.

Question. Which command is used to add database connection package in the Python program?
Answer: import mysql.connector

Question: write the steps of connectivity between SQL and Python
Answer: import,connect,cursor,execute

Interface Python with SQL Class 12 Computer Science Exam Questions

Question: What is result set? Explain with example.
Answer: Fetching rows or columns from result sets in Python. The fetch functions in the ibm_db API can iterate through the result set. If your result set includes columns that contain large data (such as BLOB or CLOB data), you can retrieve the data on a column-by-column basis to avoid large memory usage.

Question: Write python-mysql connectivity to retrieve all the data of table student.
Answer:-import mysql.connector
mycursor.execute(“select * from student”)
for x in mycursor:

Question: Use of functions in connectivity – INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, ROLLBACK

Interface Python with SQL Class 12 Computer Science Exam Questions

Question: Write code for database connectivity
Answer: # importing the module
import mysql.connector
# opening a database connection
conn = mysql.connector.connect (“localhost”,”testprog”,”stud”,”PYDB”)
# define a cursor object
mycursor = conn.cursor
# drop table if exists
mycursor.execute(“DROP TABLE IF EXISTS STUDENT”)
# query
# execute query
# close object
# close connection

Question: What is database.
Answer: The database is a collection of organized information that can easily be used, managed, update, and they are classified according to their organizational approach.

Question: Write command to install connector.
Answer: pip install mysql-connector-python

Question: Write command to import connector.
Answer: import mysql.connector

Question: Which method is used to retrieve all rows and single row?
Answer: Fetchall(),fetchone()