Internet Services and Mobile Technologies Class 10 Computer Science Exam Questions

Exam Questions Class 10

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Class 10 Computer Science Exam Questions Internet Services and Mobile Technologies

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Short Answer Type Questions

Question: When using a search engine,what does aminus sign usedwith keywords in the search boxmean?
Answer: Search engine is a website that provides the required data on specific content. It also allows users to enter keywords related to particular topics and retrieve information. The minus sign in front of a word or phrase means that it includes first term but not the second term.

Question: What is search engine? What is its usage? Give example.
or What is a search engine? Give one example of search engine. 
Answer: A search engine is a website that lets you search the Internet for websites on specific topics. Search engines turn the web into a powerful tool for finding information on any topic. There are several benefits of using search engine like,
(i) Search engines do have the ability to provide refined or more precise results.
(ii) Search engine provides a wealth of information for professional and personal use.
e.g. Google.

Question: What is chatting? Is it necessary to be online while chatting?
Answer: Chatting is the textual or multimedia conversation over the Internet. It is a real-time communication between two users via computer. It is widely interactive text based communication process that takes place over the Internet. Yes, it is necessary to be online, while chatting.

Question: Why uploading and downloading a file is required? Explain with example.
or What is the need of uploading and downloading files? 
Answer: When we need a file which is located at the server end, we have to download the file that means transmission of file from server to user’s computer.
Similarly, if we want to share something like file,picture etc., we have to upload that file or picture on the Internet that means transmission of file from user computer to server.

Question: Mention some disadvantages of an E-mail.
Answer: Some disadvantages of an E-mail are as follows
(i) E-mail attachment can carry viruses.
(ii) Limited size of data file can be sent.
(iii) Hasty medium to convey emotions.
(iv) Non guarantee that the mail will be read until the
user logs on and check E-mail.

Question: What is an E-mail? Write two advantages of an E-mail. 
Answer: E-mail (Electronic mail) is a popular Internet service,which is used for sending or receiving messages electronically over a computer network.
The advantages of an E-mail are as follows
(i) E-mail is a cost effective medium of communication.
(ii) Ease of use.

Question: What is E-learning? Explain any two merits of E-learning. 
Answer: E-learning refers to an electronic mode of delivering learning, training or educational programs to users. It is the mode of acquiring knowledge by means of Internet and computer based training programs.
E-learning can be done anywhere and at anytime.
Two merits of E-learning are as follows :
(i) Reduces travel time and travel costs for off-campus students.
(ii) Develops knowledge of an Internet and computer skills that will help learners throughout their lives and careers.

Question: Briefly explain the significance of video conferencing. 
Answer: (i) Video conferencing reduces your travel costs by working remotely and also increases productivity through collaborative working.
(ii) Many people can share their videos with each other at the same time.

Question: Mention the services which are provided by transactional category of E-banking. 
Answer: Transactional category of E-banking involves performing financial transaction. Transactional activities are as  follows
(i) Electronic fund transfer
(ii) Bill payments
(iii) Loan application and repayments
(iv) Buying investment products

Question: Write the full form of Cc and Bcc (used in E-mail communication). Explain the difference between them. 
Answer: Cc stands for Carbon copy and Bcc stands for Blind carbon copy.
In Cc, all recipients will be able to see each other mail address. Whereas, in Bcc none of the recipient will be able to see each other mail address.

Question: What are E-groups? 
Answer: An E-groups is a group of persons who come together over the Internet for a specific or common purpose using the best Internet communication tools to share ideas, different opinions, experiences and to learn from each other.

Question: What are the differences between MMS and SMS?
Answer: Differences between MMS and SMS are as follows 

Internet Services and Mobile Technologies Class 10 Computer Science Exam Questions

Question: What do you mean by E-shopping? Give three advantages of it. 
Answer: E-shopping or Online Shopping is the process of buying goods and services from merchants who sell their products on Internet. Consumers buy a variety of items from online stores. In fact, people can purchase just about anything from companies that provide their products online.
The advantages of E-shopping are as follows
(i) Finding a product online is much more easier than looking for it in the local store.
(ii) Now-a-days online shopping is very reliable.
(iii) Most of the stores provide money back guarantee.

Question: Describe the following social networking sites:
(i) Facebook (ii) MySpace
Answer: (i) Facebook It was developed by Mark Zuckerberg.
Today, facebook is one of the largest online social networks with over 500 million users. It is the one site where you are likely to find friends, colleagues and
relatives all floating around.
(ii) MySpace I t is a social networking website offering an interactive, user submitted network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, photos, music and videos. It was the largest social networking site in the world.

Question: Rani is researching history of computers on the Internet. She uses a search engine.
(i) The computer sometimes takes a long time to respond when Rani enters a question into the search engine.
Give a reason why this might happen?
(ii) The search engine returned a large number of links when she entered computers. What should Rani do to reduce the number of links?
Answer: (i) Due to slow Internet connection.
(ii) She should write ‘history of computers’.

 Long Answer Type Questions

Question: List some advantages and disadvantages of an E-mail.
Answer: The advantages of an E-mail are as follows
(i) Low cost We can send the E-mail to other person at a very low cost. It requires only Internet connection cost to send the E-mail.
(ii) Speed E-mail can be sent at a very high speed.
(iii) Waste reduction E-mail goes a long way towards reducing the cluster of papers in the modern office,not to mention saving many trees.
(iv) Ease of use It is easy to send an E-mail as compared to traditional letter.
The disadvantages of an E-mail are as follows
(i) Hardware requirement You need a computer to read or print E-mail.
(ii) Impermanent Your sent mail messages can be altered in all the ways.
(iii) A hasty medium It is a limitation because E-mail is so easy to use, it is also easy to send a message that you later regret.
(iv) Hard to convey emotions Without the extra clues of voice, posture and expression, it is difficult to understand what someone really means in a message.

Question: When using a search engine to search, then would you use quotation marks around search terms?
Answer: Quotation marks should be used around a phrase or search terms. Surrounding terms with quotation marks limit the search results to only those web pages that contain the exact phrase, we have specified.
Doing this ensures that, the concept will be searched for as a whole and not picked apart by the search engine or we can say, without the quotation marks, the results will include any page that contains the words we have used regardless of what order those words are in 17. Transferring files through E-mail is restricted due to file size. Justify.
Answer: Over the Internet, a message will often pass through several mail transfer agents to reach the recipients. Eachof these has to store the message before forwarding it on and many therefore, need to impose size limits.
The result is that while large attachments may internally send within an organisation, they are unreliable when sending across Internet.
e.g. In general, 10 MB is considered safe for the maximum size of an E-mail but, Google’s gmail service increased its limit to 25 MB.

Question: What are the dangers associated with social networking? 
Answer: Dangers associated with social networking are as follows
(i) Lack of anonymity Social networking usually requires you to input your name, location, age, gender and many other types of personal information.
(ii) Scams and harassment Being online you are at risk of facing cases of harassment, cyber stalking, online scams and theft identity.
(iii) Time consuming If you are new on social networking, learning the process can be very time consuming.
(iv) The illusion of security The Internet is definitely not secured as social or human hackers can hack one’s personal account.
(v) Isolation Social networking sites do not provide isolation. As, once information is posted on a social networking site, it is no longer private.

Question: Write short notes on the following terms
(i) Information retrieval (ii) E-banking
(iii) Online shopping (iv) E-reservation
(v) E-groups 
Answer: (i) Information retrieval It refers to the process of accessing the information that is stored on the Internet.
(ii) E-banking It refers to the automated delivery of new and traditional banking products and services directly to customers over the Internet.
(iii) Online shopping It refers to the activity of purchasing items from different websites on Internet.
(iv) E-reservation It refers to the process that helps users to reserve movie, train and airline tickets as well as hotel rooms through Internet.
(v) E-groups It refers to an online environment where users sharing common views and ideas that come together to meet and discuss topics of their interest.

Question: Sharvan Joshi is a student of Political Science and is a keen researcher of political issues related to various countries and states. He wants to share his research and his own opinions on these issues on day-to-day basis with everyone on World Wide Web (WWW).
He is also interested in collecting views of others to enhance his research and knowledge related to his area of interest. He belongs to a middle class family and cannot afford his own Website. Also being a non-technical person he cannot create a dynamic Website to deal with day-to-day inputs.
(i) Suggest an easy way for Sharvan to achieve the same.
(ii) Also, name two popularly used free services that can help Sharvan in this regard.
(iii) Sharvan wants to search some information on political issues, which program or service will help him? Also, explain this service.
Answer: (i) Sharvan should develop a blog.
(ii) Twitter and Facebook.
(iii) Search engine will him to search information. It is a website that provides the required data on specific topics. It turns the web into a powerful tool for finding information on any topic. Search engine
allows users to enter keywords (queries or terms) related to particular topics and retrieve information about the websites containing these keywords. It is a program designed to search for information on the web through a database of web page’s queries or keywords.

Question: Somya wants to collect some information regarding the history of India.
(i)What is the fastest and easiest way of doing this,which saves her efforts as well?
(ii)Write down the following steps in the correct order to show, how Somya could find information.
(a) Type keywords.
(b) Look at the list of websites starting at the top.
(c) Load a search engine.
(d) Click the search button.
(e) Open the web browser.
Answer: (i) Online search using search engine.
(ii) (e) Open the web browser
(c) Load a search engine
(a) Type keywords
(d) Click the search button
(b) Look at the list of websites starting at the top.

Question: Gargi set-up the following Auto Delete options on her Web-based E-mail account. 

What is the most likely reason, she has set the Trash folder to delete ‘Older than 1 month’?
Gargi wants
(a) all E-mails to have a delete date.
(b) sent all E-mails to be deleted after 1 month.
(c) deleted all E-mails to only remain in the Trash folder for 1 month.
(d) all E-mails in her inbox to be moved to the Trash folder after 1 month.
Answer: (c) Gargi wants deleted all E-mails to only remain in the Trash folder for 1 month.

Question: As life gets busy, it becomes difficult for everyone to keep track with school and college friends, old colleagues, old neighbours and favourite teachers. It is important to keep in touch with all your near and dear ones. At times, people sitting miles away doing similar kind of activity or solving similar kind of problems can help you to achieve goals faster by sharing their experience.
Similarly, people belonging to different socio-economic background can change your perspective and can enhance your understanding of various cultures.
(i) Suggest any two real-time tools that are suitable for the above mentioned activities.
(ii)What is the generic name used for such tools?
Answer: (i) Twitter and Facebook.
(ii) Social networking.

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 Internet Services and Mobile Technologies Class 10 Computer Science Exam Questions