MCQs For NCERT Class 11 Business Studies With Answers

MCQs Class 11

Students can refer to the below MCQs for Class 11 Business Studies with Answers provided here as per the chapters given in NCERT covering available for all important topics which are given in each chapter which will be very useful for students who are preparing for upcoming examinations. We have provided MCQ based questions and PDFs based on the latest CBSE and NCERT curriculum, examination pattern, and expected question paper pattern issued this year.

Class 11 Business Studies MCQs with Answers

You can click on link below for each chapter below given as per NCERT Book for Class 11 Business Studies to get free multiple choice questions with solutions. These MCQs have been prepared by Business Studies teacher after thorough research on types of questions which are expected to come in Class 11 examinations. Go through the questions and then compare your answer with solutions provided by us.

Chapter 1 Business Trade and Commerce
Chapter 2 Forms of Business Organisation
Chapter 3 Private Public and Global Enterprises
Chapter 4 Business Services
Chapter 5 Emerging Modes of Business
Chapter 6 Social Responsibilities of Business and Business Ethics
Chapter 7 Formation of a Company
Chapter 8 Sources of Business Finance
Chapter 9 Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Chapter 10 Internal Trade
Chapter 11 International Business
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The importance of MCQs For NCERT Class 11 Business Studies has been increasing in the Class 11 examination. More and more questions with multiple choice have started coming in Class 11 examinations, thus it’s important for students to practice as many MCQs as possible given on our website. These choice based questions have been developed after careful study of Business Studies textbook issued by NCERT and study of all important topics. Students have always been advised by teachers to go through as many MCQs as possible prior to the examination to make sure they have a thorough understanding of each topic and are able to get good scores in their exams.

Our Business Studies teachers for class 11 have done great amount of work in developing these questions and providing you solutions. Class 11 students should go through these questions and also for other subjects in Class 11 given on our website. This will help the students to gain full understanding of each and every important topic in the chapters which you are currently studying.

Advantages of MCQs for Class 11 Business Studies

a) More MCQ based questions have started coming in Class 11 Business Studies examinations thus increasing its importance

b) Multiple Choice Questions for Business Studies Class 11 should be practiced daily to make sure all points in a chapter are covered thoroughly.

c) Daily practicing MCQs will help you to gain an understanding of very minor topics given in each chapter of Business Studies so that you have a strong understanding of everything given in each chapter

d) Though the MCQs can be tricky but if you practice as many multiple choice as possible then you will definitely give correct answers

We provide Free PDFs of MCQs in CBSE Class 11 Business Studies which have been developed as per the latest syllabus and curriculum issued by CBSE, NCERT and KVS.

Where can I download latest MCQs with answers for Business Studies Class 11 ?

You have come to the correct website as here we have provided you the largest database of free multiple choice questions for Class 11 Business Studies

The syllabus for Class 11 Business Studies was updated, I want the latest and updated MCQs?

The multiple-choice questions on our website have been updated based on the latest and updated curriculum issued by CBSE, KVS and NCERT

Where can I get all MCQs covering all the topics of NCERT Class 11 Business Studies , where get I get them ?

On our website we have provided the best collection of MCQs For NCERT Class 11 Business Studies covering every important topic in your book so that you have thorough preparation for your exams

Is there any charge for these MCQs, can I get them for free ?

Yes, all MCQs are provided here for free for our students.

Are MCQs for Business Studies Class 11 available here based on the book issued by NCERT ?

Yes, we have made sure that every topic and chapter given in NCERT Textbook of Class 11 Business Studies is covered here