Notes And Questions For NCERT Class 10 Social Science Gender Religion and Caste

Notes for Class 10

Students should refer to the below Gender Religion and Caste Class 10 notes prepared as per the latest curriculum issued by CBSE and NCERT. These notes and questions are really useful as they have been developed based on the most scoring topics and expected questions in upcoming examinations for Class 10. Gender Religion and Caste is an important topic in Science Class 10 which if understood properly can help students to get very good marks in class tests and exams.

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Read the notes below which will help you to understand all important and difficult topics in this chapter. There are some topics in Gender Religion and Caste chapter which you should understand carefully as many questions can come from those parts. Our team of teachers have designed the revision notes so that its helpful for students to revise entire course prior to the class tests.

Scheduled Caste: Poor and landless and also socially and economically backward Indians.

Caste Hierarchy: A social structure in which classes are determinds by heredity i.e. the highest to the lowest caste.

Communalism: A belief in which the followers of a particular religion believe that their religion is superior over other religion.


• Sexual divison of labour — all works inside the home done by women.

• Patriarchal Society — all the power hold by men.

• Less representation in legislatiure (India) — approximately 11% in Lok Sabha in 2014.

• 1/3 reservation in local government.

• Ferminists and other people and many organisations are demanding for reservation of woman in legislative.

Ferminist : A woman or a man who believes in equal rights and opportunities for women and man.

Patriarchy : A system of society in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it.

Universal Adult Franchise : After attaining a certain age, all the people are given right to vote without discrimination of caste, class, colour, religions or gender.

Influence of Politics, Gender Caste and Religion on Each Other

Class 10 Social Science Gender Religion and Caste
Gender Religion and Caste class 10 notes