Notes Class 9 Mathematics Chapter 14 Statistics

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Statistics Class 9 Mathematics Notes and Questions

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1. Collection of Data
2. Presentation of Data
3. Graphical Representation of Data
4. Measures of Central Tendency
 Statistics is the area of study that deals with the collection presentation, analysis and interpretation of data.
 Data: Facts or figures, collected with a definite purpose, are called data.
 There are two types of data (i) Primary (ii) Secondary
 We can represent the data by (i) ungrouped and grouped frequency distribution.
 Data can also represent by (i) bar graph (ii) Histogram (iii) Frequency polygons
 Class mark of grouped data is lower limit + upper limit/2
 Measure of central tendencies by mean, median, mode.

Notes Class 9 Mathematics Chapter 14 Statistics

 Median: Arrange the observations in ascending or descending order then if numbers of observations (n) are odd then then median is n+1/2 term.
If no. of observations (n) are even, then median is average of n/2th and n/21th + terms.
· Mode: The observation whose frequency is greatest.
• Mode = 3 median – 2 mean.

Statistics Class 9 Mathematics Notes