Sociology and Society Class 11 Sociology Notes

Notes for Class 11

Please refer to Sociology and Society Class 11 Sociology Notes and important questions below. The Class 11 Sociology Chapter wise notes have been prepared based on the latest syllabus issued for the current academic year by CBSE. Students should revise these notes and go through important Class 11 Sociology examination questions given below to obtain better marks in exams

Sociology and Society Class 11 Sociology Notes and Questions

The below Class 11 Sociology and Society notes have been designed by expert Sociology teachers. These will help you a lot to understand all the important topics given in your NCERT Class 11 Sociology textbook. Refer to Sociology and Society Notes below which have been designed as per the latest syllabus issued by CBSE and will be very useful for upcoming examinations to help clear your concepts and get better marks in examinations.

Sociological Imagination
Sociological Imagination, the theory was propounded by C.
Wright Mills, an American sociologist. Mills used this term to analyses the relationship between personal problems and
public issues. He points out that all personal problems are emerged from certain public issues. Sociologists have the
capacity to imagine the public issue in which a personal problem arises. This is what he called Sociological Imagination.

Sociology and Common sense Knowledge
The common sense explanations are generally based on what may be called naturalistic and/or individualistic explanations. A Scientific base is not essential for this. Sociology has a body of concepts, methods and data. This can’t been seen in common sense knowledge. Common sense is unreflective, since it does not question its own origin. But the sociologist must be ready to ask any of our beliefs, about ourselves no matter how cherished Is this really so? To accept the most reliable and proved facts definitely we can say that sociology has a scientific approach.

Relationship between Sociology and other social sciences Sociology and Psychology
Psychology is defined as the science of behavior. It is interested the study of intelligence and learning, motivations and memory, nervous system etc. Social psychology, which serves as a bridge between psychology and sociology. It studies how individual behaves in social groups. Sociology attempts to understand the way in which personality is shaped by different aspects of society.

Sociology and Society Class 11 Sociology Notes

Sociology and Social Anthropology
Sociology and Anthropology are closely related. These two branches of knowledge study the same subject matter, i.e
man. A. L. Kroeber calls sociology and Anthropology, the twin sisters. The following are the main differences between Sociology and Social Anthropology

Sociology and Society Class 11 Sociology Notes
Sociology and Society Class 11 Sociology Notes