Tertiary and Quaternary Activities Class 12 Geography Exam Questions

Exam Questions Class 12

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Class 12 Geography Exam Questions Tertiary and Quaternary Activities

Class 12 Geography students should read and understand the important questions and answers provided below for Tertiary and Quaternary Activities which will help them to understand all important and difficult topics.

Short Answer Type Questions

Question. What is medical tourism? Explain the scope of medical services for overseas patients in India.
Answer. When medical treatment is combined with international tourism activity, it is known as medical tourism.
The scope of medical services for overseas patients in India is growing. The growing medical facilities in India during last few decades have made the country a favourable destination for medical tourists. The medical infrastructure also has developed to meet the world class demand of overseas patients. In India, many worldclass hospitals located in metropolitan cities cater to patients all over the world. These hospitals provide a variety of medical treatment at lower cost. For example, about 55,000 patients from USA, visited India in 2005 for medical treatment.
Thus, India has emerged as the leading country of medical tourism in the world. But still it is not as much advanced as USA, where each year millions of surgeries are performed.

Question. Describe the different types of retail stores.
Answer. Different types of retail stores are
– Consumer Co-operatives These are retail establishments which are organised and operated by the consumers themselves to obtain products of daily use at reasonably low prices.
– Departmental Stores It is a large retail business unit which has number of stores engaged in purchasing and selling of different products.
– Chain Stores These may direct goods to be manufactured as per their customised specification. They employ highly skilled specialists in many executive tasks.
They have the ability to experiment in one store and apply the results to many.

Question. “Service sector has grown enormously over past few decades.” Give the reasons for the rise in service sector.
Answer. The reasons for the rise in service sector are
– Rapid Urbanisation As more people start living in the cities, there is rising demand for various services in urban areas.
– Increase in Population The necessity for basic services has increased due to increase in the population. These services are hospitals, education, banking etc.
– Increase in Living Standard The increasing living standard of the people has resulted in rising demand for services such as transport, tourism, sports etc.
– Rising Income The rising incomes of people have led to increase in the services required by them. These services include retailing, tourism, education etc.
– Improvement in Technology Improvements in technology have resulted in expansion of service sector in the international markets.

Question. What are quaternary activities? Explain any three characteristics of quaternary activities.
Answer. Quarternary activity is a segment of service sector that is knowledge oriented. It has replaced most of the primary and secondary employment as the basis for economic growth. These include mutual fund managers, tax consultants, software developers and statisticiAnswer.
The three characteristics of Quarternary activities are
(i) Information Centric These activities involve the collection, production and dissemination of information or even the production of information.
(ii) Research Oriented Quarternary activities focus upon research, development and may be seen as an advanced form of service involving special knowledge and technical skills.
(iii) Outsourcing These services are not tied to resources, affected by the environment or necessarily localised by the market. Thus, they can also be outsourced.

Question. ‘‘Services are very important for economic development in the world.’’ Analyse the statement by explaining five major components of service sector.
Ans Service sector is very important for the development of economy in the world as it involves all kinds of services like-education, health, welfare, business services, etc and provides employment to a large number of people.
The five major components of service sector are
(i) Many services have been regulated by the government. It includes making and maintaining highways, bridges,supplying education and health services, transport, telecommunications, energy etc.
(ii) Professional services that include primary health care,engineering, law etc.
(iii) Personal services that are for the people to facilitate their work in daily life.
(iv) Recreational and entertainment services that are widely distributed.
(v) Whole sale and retail trading with the producers and consumers.

Question. Explain any three characteristics of periodical markets of rural areas in the world.
Answer. The three characteristics of periodical markets of rural areas in the world are
(i) Periodical markets in rural areas are found where there are no regular markets. Local periodical markets are organised at different intervals.
(ii) There may be weekly, bi-weekly markets and people from the surrounding areas come here to fulfil their accumulated demands.
(iii) These markets are held on specific days and move from one place to another. Thus, the shopkeepers remain busy on all the days,while a large area is served by them.

Long Answer Type Questions

Question. What are services? Describe various types of services.
Answer. Services means to provide assistance to some one. Services are provided to individual customers who can pay for them.Services are of both physical and mental nature. It includes gardeners, barbers, teachers, lawyers, musicians etc.
Various types of services are
– Government Aided Services Government provides various services such as making and maintaining highways and bridges, maintaining fire fighting departments, supplying and supervising health, education etc.
– Infrastructural Development Services These type of services include transport, telecommunication, energy and water supply various corporations have been established by governments to control and supervise these services.
– Professional Services These services include healthcare,engineering, law and management. These services are provided by both public and private companies.
– Personal Services These services are provided by domestic workers which help in making the lives of people easier. These services include gardeners, cooks, housekeepers etc.
– Services Based on Market These services include recreational and entertainment services. Their location depends upon the market. It includes restaurants, multiplexes etc.

Question. Explain in detail the significance of transport and communication services. (NCERT)
Answer. The significance of transport services is
– A developed system of transportation helps a country to develop fast.
– Transport helps in connecting raw material providing areas to industries and industries to markets. It supplies labour, machineries, fuels, emergency services at right time.
– It enlarges the service area of markets. It connects local markets to regional markets, regional markets to national markets and national markets to international markets.
l It facilitates the overall development of a nation. It facilitates the transportation of building and construction material to remote areas which is essential to develop infrastructures such as roads, highways, buildings,schools, colleges, etc.
– Development of roads, railways, etc in border areas and strategic areas helps in defence preparedness. These are used to transport military equipment and soldiers during war.

The significance of communication is
– A developed network of mass communication is essential to spread knowledge and ideas.
– It educates the masses.
– To bring the far-flung and remote areas closer to other areas developed means of communication are essential.
– Means of communication are also helpful in the national integration.
– Satellite communication is important for the weather forecast, monitoring of natural calamities, surveillance of border areas, telecommunication, etc.

Tertiary and Quaternary Activities Class 12 Geography Exam Questions

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