The Ball Poem Class 10 English Exam Questions

Exam Questions Class 10

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Class 10 English Exam Questions The Ball Poem

Class 10 English students should read and understand the important questions and answers provided below for The Hundred Dresses II which will help them to understand all important and difficult topics.

Short Answer Type Questions

Question. What is the boy ‘learning as per the poet’?
Ans. The poet says that the boy has lost the ball and through this loss, he is learning to cope up with the loss. He is also learning how to bear and manage such losses in life. After all, losses are permanent in our life. We should learn their nature sooner or later.

Question. What is the boy learning?
Ans. The boy is sad over the loss of his ball but he is learning to accept it. He could get another ball but he is learning to let go of the lost things and learn to cope with the loss.

Question. ‘He senses first responsibility’—What responsibility is referred to here?
Ans. The responsibility referred to here is, that in this world of possessions, the boy has not only to learn to take care of his things but also cope up with the loss of his favourite things like the ball.

Question. What idea does the poet wish to convey?
Ans. Through this poem, the poet wishes to convey the futility of grieving over the past. The memories are the treasure. The poet says that money, material and their losses do not matter. One has to learn to accept them as a part of life.

Question. Why does the poet say he won’t ‘intrude on him’? What does he say about the boy’s loss at this point?
Ans. The poet says that he won’t ‘intrude’ on the boy because the boy has now understood the concept behind the loss of the ball. He is in a shock and is trying to understand what it is all about. The poet says that the boy now senses his first responsibility.
It is towards the world of materialism. He has to learn to cope up with his losses.

Question. What does the ball signify for the boy?
Ans. The ball signifies his childhood for the boy. It symbolizes all his memories of playing with it and its loss is making him sad. The ball signifies his childhood days and his innocence.

Question. What is the central point in the poem?
Ans. The central point in the poem is the loss of the ball by the boy. It is also his understanding of the loss and bearing with it. In the world of materialism, people lose things, but they have to forget those things and move ahead. The boy is doing the same thing in the poem.

Question. Where has the boy lost his ball? What is the effect of the loss on his mind?
Ans. The boy was playing near the harbour and unfortunately he has lost his ball while playing. The poet describes how the ball was lost. He says that the ball bounced down the street. Then it went in the water. The boy felt an emotional shock at this loss.