The Hundred Dresses 2 Summary Class 10

Notes for Class 10

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Class 10 English The Hundred Dresses 2 Summary

The Hundred Dresses Part II tells us why Wanda Petronski had not been attending school. Her father informed her teacher through a note that his family had decided to move to a big city where no one would bother about their strange and unfamiliar name. On hearing the contents of the note, Maddie and Peggy became anxious as they realized that they would never get a chance to make up with Wanda for teasing and taunting her the way they had. They tried to and meet and reconcile with Wanda by going to Boggins Heights but to their dismay there was no sign of the family. Later, around Christmas time, they were both relieved to learn that Wanda really liked them and she had no hard feelings against them. She had even dedicated one of the hundred drawn dresses to each one of them as their faces were drawn along with the dresses.

Summary in Hindi

द हंड्रेड ड्रेसेस पार्ट II हमें बताता है कि वांडा पेट्रोन्स्की स्कूल क्यों नहीं जा रहा था। उसके पिता ने अपने शिक्षक को एक नोट के माध्यम से सूचित किया कि उसके परिवार ने एक बड़े शहर में जाने का फैसला किया है, जहां कोई भी उनके अजीब और अपरिचित नाम के बारे में परेशान नहीं होगा। नोट की सामग्री को सुनकर, मैडी और पैगी चिंतित हो गए क्योंकि उन्हें एहसास हुआ कि उन्हें वांडा को चिढ़ाने और ताने मारने का मौका कभी नहीं मिलेगा। उन्होंने मिलने और सुलह करने की कोशिश की वांडा बोगिन्स हाइट्स गए लेकिन उनके निराश होने पर परिवार का कोई पता नहीं चला। बाद में, क्रिसमस के समय के आसपास, वे दोनों यह जानकर राहत महसूस कर रहे थे कि वांडा वास्तव में उन्हें पसंद करती है और वह उनके खिलाफ कोई कठोर भावना नहीं रखती है। यहां तक ​​कि उसने तैयार की गई सौ पोशाकों में से प्रत्येक को उनमें से एक को समर्पित किया था क्योंकि उनके चेहरे पोशाकों के साथ-साथ खींचे गए थे।

The Hundred Dresses 2 Class 10 English Important Questions

Extract Based Comprehension Questions

‘A deep silence met the reading of this letter. Miss Mason took off her glasses, blew on them and wiped them on her soft white handkerchief. Then she put them on again and looked at the class. When she spoke her voice was very low.’

Questions & Answer

Question. Whose letter did Miss Mason read?
Ans. It was a note from Jan Petronski, father of Wanda.

Question. What was the content of the letter?
Ans. The letter contained the news that neither Wanda nor her brother would come to that school anymore as the Petronskis were moving to a big city where no one would bother them about their name.

Question. What was the impact of this letter on the class?
Ans. The whole class was silent. But two of them i.e. Maddie and Peggy were left questioning themselves as to whether they were right in their treatment of Wanda.

Extract Based Comprehension Questions

Tears blurred her eyes and she gazed for a long time at the picture. Then she gazed at it intently.

Questions & Answer

Question. Why were Maddie’s eyes blurred with tears?
 Maddie’s eyes were blurred with tears because she knew she would never meet Wanda and make things right between them. Wanda had forgiven her and had even given her the drawing as a gift

Question. What did she learn when she studied the picture intently?
 When she looked at the picture intently she realized that the face of the drawing resembled her face. Wanda had drawn Maddie.

Question. What was her reaction?
Ans. Maddie goes to Peggy’s house and asks her to show her the picture given by Wanda. They both discover that Wanda had drawn both of them in her dresses.

Short Answer Questions

Question. What was the content of Jan Petronski’s letter?
The letter contained the news that neither Wanda nor her brother would come to that school anymore as the Petronski’s were moving to a big city where no one would bother them about their strange name.

Question. Why was Maddie unable to concentrate on preparing her lessons?
Maddie was unable to prepare her lessons as she felt guilty of keeping quiet when Peggy hurt Wanda’s feelings by asking embarrassing questions which ultimately resulted in Wanda leaving the school for good

Question. Why did Peggy and Maggie go to Boggins Heights?
Peggy and Maddie went to Boggins Heights to meet Wanda and apologies for being so thoughtless to her. They also wanted to tell her not to leave the school and promise to fight anyone who was nice to her.

Question. What did Wanda convey through her letter?
Wanda wanted to tell the classmates that they could have the hundred dresses that she had drawn for them as she had another hundred in her closet. In particular Peggy and Maddie could have the green and blue respectively. She wished them a merry Christmas and said that she missed her old school and teacher.

Question. What did Maddie notice when she looked at the drawing given to her by Wanda?
Ans. Maddie looked at the dresses with vivid colours that Wanda drew. She did not look at the faces. Later, she realised that Wanda had drawn the beautiful dresses for Maddie and Peggy with their faces to match.

Long Answer Questions

Question. Wanda was successful in turning her taunts into triumphs. Justify this statement.
Wanda was hounded by Peggy and asked the same embarrassing question. She had the same answer. She did not show her anger or irritation at being humiliated. Peggy thought her to be so dumb that she did not even know that she was being made fun of. However, Wanda kept all these taunts to herself and showed her maturity by responding positively and giving it back to her in the best possible way – by beating her in her own game at drawing. When everyone thought Peggy would win the drawing contest, Wanda won it and the admiration of all the students and her teacher. Wanda shows her magnanimity by forgiving Peggy and gifting her a drawing which would constantly remind her of herself and the treatment that was meted out to her. She thus converted her taunts into triumphs.

Question. Compare and contrast the characters of Maddie and Peggy.
Ans. Although Maddie and Peggy were friends, they differed considerably in their attitude towards Wanda. While Peggy took delight in teasing Wanda, Maddie did not quite like it as she too was not a very rich girl. When Miss Mason read Jan Petronski’s letter to the class Maddie was deriding herself for being a coward who did not have the courage to stand up to help a girl who was being ridiculed. Peggy, too, felt that she had contributed to Wanda’s going away but she had no regrets and covered her feelings with pretended casualness. She suggested that they go and meet Wanda at Boggs Heights to which Maddie readily agreed. When the two were unable to meet the Petronski’s, Peggy felt that they had done their part and even thought that she should be given credit for giving Wanda new ideas for her dresses. Maddie on the other hand is penitent and decides never to treat anyone or allow anyone to be treated the way Wanda was.

The Hundred Dresses 2 Summary Class 10