Trends in IT NCERT Class 4 Computers Notes and Questions

Notes for Class 4

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Trends in IT Class 4 Computers Notes and Questions

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Trends in IT

  • The area of computer and technology is very vast. It is growing with each passing day. The technological advancement has resulted in newer products and services being launched on a daily basis.
  • The trends that are new today will be old tomorrow. To be in sync with the technology, one should be aware of the latest things that are available in the IT market.

Latest devices
Smart Phone
A smartphone is a hand-held personal computer. It possesses extensive computing capabilities, including high-speed access to the Internet using both Wi-Fi and mobile broadband.

Trends in IT NCERT Class 4 Computers Notes and Questions

The following are some of the other key features of a smartphone:

  • Internet connectivity
  • A mobile browser
  • The ability to sync more than one email account to a device
  • Embedded memory
  • A hardware or software-based QWERTY keyboard
  • Wireless synchronization with other devices, such as laptop or desktop computers
  • The ability to download applications and run them independently
  • Support for third-party applications
  • The ability to run multiple applications simultaneously
  • Touch screen
  • Wi-Fi
  • A digital camera, typically with video capability
  • Gaming
  • Unified messaging
  • GPS – (global positioning system.)
  • A smartphone also has the ability to support accessories, including Bluetooth headphones, power charging cables and extra speakers.


Trends in IT NCERT Class 4 Computers Notes and Questions
  • iPhone is a line of smartphones designed and sold by Apple Inc. These phones are different from Android smartphones as they operate on iOS operating system.
  • The apps on these phones are downloaded from App Store. Till date, there has been eleven generations of iPhones.
  • iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X are the latest versions of the series.

Wearable computer

Trends in IT NCERT Class 4 Computers Notes and Questions
  • Wearable computers are small computing devices which are worn over, under or with the clothing. They are also called wearables and body-borne computers.
  • They can be used for general computing purpose or for specialized purposes like monitoring heartbeat or as fitness tracker.

Smart watch

Trends in IT NCERT Class 4 Computers Notes and Questions
  • A smart watch is a touch screen wearable computer worn over the wrist. They perform the basic functions of a digital watch and also perform other functions like monitoring various fitness parameters, giving notification for calls and messages, etc.
  • They thus act as front end of a remote system like a smartphone, communicating with it using wireless technologies.

Text to speech devices 

Trends in IT NCERT Class 4 Computers Notes and Questions
  • These are based on voice output system.
  • Messages which are typed by the user are read aloud by the device.
  • The phrases can be written with a physical keyboard, or selected from an on-screen keyboard by pressing a touch screen, pointing and clicking a mouse.
  • Abbreviations, word predictions and stored phrases enhance the rate of composing the messages and thereby, speeding up the conversation.

Mobile Stick

Trends in IT NCERT Class 4 Computers Notes and Questions
  • A mobile stick, also called as a selfie stick, is a hand-held extendable monopod which is used to move the devices further away than what is possible with the human arm.
  • It allows pictures to be clicked from the camera at different angles and from a distance.
  • Some are connected to a smartphone via its jack plug, while others are tethered using Bluetooth controls.

Latest apps
The word “app” is an abbreviation for “application.” It’s a piece of software that can run through a web browser or offline on your computer, and on a smartphone, tablet or other electronic devices, including smart TVs and smart-watches. Apps may or may not have a connection to the internet.

Google maps

Trends in IT NCERT Class 4 Computers Notes and Questions
  • It is a web mapping service developed by Google.
  • It offers satellite imagery, street maps, and 360° panoramic views of streets, realtime traffic conditions, and route planning for travelling by foot, car, bicycle, or public transportation.
  • It was launched in February 2005.
  • Google Maps is available as a mobile app for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

Google hangouts 

Trends in IT NCERT Class 4 Computers Notes and Questions
  • A Google hangout is a communication platform developed by Google which includes messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIP features.
  • It allows conversations between two or more users.
  • The service can be accessed online through the Gmail or Google+ websites or through mobile apps available for Android and iOS.

Glympse (Street location & activity tracker)

Trends in IT NCERT Class 4 Computers Notes and Questions
  • It is an app which is used to share your real time location using GPS tracking with your family and friends.
  • It works globally wherever there is a GPS and data connection.

Google Play

Trends in IT NCERT Class 4 Computers Notes and Questions
  • It is a digital distribution service operated and developed by Google.
  • It serves as the official app store for the Android operating system, allowing users to browse and download applications.
  • It is also a digital media store, offering music, magazines, books, movies, and television programs.
  • Google Play was launched on March 6, 2012.

Some popular games:
Some of the famous video games developed by the company are Angry Birds, Angry Birds Star Wars, Bad Piggies, Amazing Alex, Tiny Thief, and Plunder Pirates among many others.

Rovio entertainment

Trends in IT NCERT Class 4 Computers Notes and Questions
  • Rovio Entertainment is a Finland based entertainment company who is the developer, publisher and distributor of various video games.
  • It was founded in 2003 by Mikael Hed, Kim Dikert, Jarno Väkeväinen, Niklas Hed.

Phonics vowel app

Trends in IT NCERT Class 4 Computers Notes and Questions
  • The app teaches each word’s phonics spelling, beginning sound, word family phonics, short vowel sound, and images with animations and interactions for each word.
  • The game uses the Montessori Method for children to learn the phonics and spelling.
  • It develops the kids hearing, learning, spelling, and pronunciation of the words.
  • It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • It is sold by Abi Talk Incorporated.

Time tangle

Trends in IT NCERT Class 4 Computers Notes and Questions
  • It is a simple cartoon adventure game.
  • This game for Android and iOS is developed by Twin Sky Games and produced by CN Games.
  • The game revolves around the characters- Finn and Jake.
  • In the game, you need to collect sandwiches to ensure your own strength, in order to save your mind, the princess challenge BOSS to reproduce the light.

Candy crush jelly & candy crush soda 

Trends in IT NCERT Class 4 Computers Notes and Questions
  • Candy Crush Jelly and Candy Crush Soda are variations of Candy Crush Saga and are developed by King.
  • In the Candy Crush Jelly Saga, the two main characters that the player plays against are the Jelly Queen and Cupcake Carl. Candy Crush Soda Saga was launched in May 2014. It has over 2080 levels.
  • Candy Crush Jelly Saga was released worldwide in January 2016. Initially it was not made available on Facebook unlike in previous titles, but is now available as a game app since May 2016.

Some Latest operating system
1. Android Pie   

  • Android Pie is the ninth major version of the Android operating system.
  • It was first announced by Google on March 7, 2018, and the first developer preview was released on the same day. Second preview, considered Beta Quality, was released on May 8, 2018.
  • The final beta of Android P was released on July 25, 2018 and was first officially released on August 6, 2018.

2. iOS

  • iOS (formerly iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its hardware.
  • It is the operating system that presently powers many of the company’s mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
  • It is the second most popular mobile operating system globally after Android.
  • The current stable release, iOS 11.4, was released on May 29, 2018. 

3. Windows 10s:

Trends in IT NCERT Class 4 Computers Notes and Questions
  • On May 2, 2017, Microsoft announced the release of their new operating system Windows 10 S, marketed heavily to students and educators.
  • Windows 10 S is a fully-fledged version of Windows 10 designed for low-cost computers as well as education-oriented PCs and even some premium computers, such as the new Microsoft Surface Laptop.
  • According to Microsoft the “S” doesn’t stand for anything in particular, but the company says Windows 10 S is streamlined for simplicity, security and speed.
  • Windows 10 S will boot 15 seconds faster than a comparable machine running Windows 10 Pro with the same profile and apps installed, and it will run as fast on day 1,000 as it does on day one, says Microsoft.

4. Windows 10

  • Windows 10 is a series of personal computer operating systems produced by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. It was released on July 29, 2015.
  • Windows 10 receives new releases on an ongoing basis, which are available at no additional cost to users.

5. Windows 8.1

  • Windows 8.1 (code named Blue) is a computer operating system released by Microsoft.
  • First unveiled and released as a public beta in June 2013, it was released to manufacturing on August 27, 2013, and reached general availability on October 17, 2013 almost a year after the retail release of its predecessor.

6. Windows 8

  • Windows 8 is a personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems.
  • It was announced at CES 2011, and followed by the release of three pre-release versions from September 2011 to May 2012.
  • The operating system was released to manufacturing on August 1, 2012, and was released for general availability on October 26, 2012.
  • Windows 8 introduced major changes to the operating system’s platform and user interface to improve its user experience on tablets, where Windows was now competing with mobile operating systems, including Android and iOS.
Trends in IT Class 4 Computers Notes and Questions